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I’m a firm believer in the theory that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It’s the fuel we need to kickstart the day and most of us feel tired and lacklustre by late morning if we’ve forgotten it.




Now I can’t pretend I don’t hesitate to leap off the Paleo wagon now and then, especially when hotels put on an extravagant buffet of cloud-like French pastries, scrummy cereals, syrup-drenched fruit salads and the offer of a Full English.

But for staple breakfasts every day, I like to keep it healthy, nutritious and as Paleo as possible. I’m especially keen for our little boy to grow up loving wholesome, nourishing food as his mainstay and I always like to make sure our everyday meals in home cooking are as creative, nutritionally diverse and paleo as we can make them, including organic produce and whole foods – we essentially stay away from anything processed and the junk pre-packaged stuff full of bizarre ingredients and chemicals you’ve never heard of before.

So this one is a firm favourite, particularly on a warm summer’s morning.




It’s the perfect refreshing blend of creamy yoghurt, sweet fruit puree and a scattering of crunch on top.

While the debate on dairy is still raging in Paleo forums, there’s no doubt that as many concerns as there are over dairy, yoghurt is also loaded with the good stuff – good bacteria for the gut, fatty acids, protein and carbs. Over at PaleoLeap there’s a great article giving a bit of insight into this. Their well-reasoned conclusion is that while cow’s dairy has been worryingly linked to a host of problems, including lactose intolerance, allergies, skin conditions and even cancer, goat’s dairy is a much better and healthier alternative mainly because it contains the A2 form of casein, which is much closer in concentrations to human milk levels.

I’ve now switched fully over to this goat’s yoghurt from Waitrose:




It tastes amazing – almost exactly the same as Greek yoghurt – and doesn’t have that strong goaty flavour that my palate hasn’t quite got used to in goat’s yoghurt, despite the fact I love a strong flavoured goat’s cheese. The only shame is that this yoghurt is not organic – I’m still hunting for an organic option that tastes as good.

I also sprinkle some of this on top for extra crunch and nutrition:




There are so many variations on this kind of breakfast that you can throw together depending on what you’ve got at hand, but as a rough guide to whip this up, you will need:

plain yoghurt


blended nuts and seeds

a handful of chia seeds

honey (optional)


Chop up your fruit and set half of it aside.




Throw a couple of handfuls of your pre-chopped berries into your food blender, hit the button and you’re ready to prepare your dish.




Pop your yoghurt in a bowl…




…and top with your fresh fruit puree, a sprinkling of chopped berries, a lashing of honey if the fruit isn’t quite sweet enough, and a handful of your blended seeds and nuts.




Serve alongside a glass of ice cold water with a slice of lemon. A perfect way to start a summer’s day that will leave you refreshed and raring to go!



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