Milk bath: homemade



It’s well known that milk is good for our bones, but for centuries it’s been used for another benefit too: for moisturising and rejuvenating the skin.

Since milk contains lactic acid, it’s an effective all-natural cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and being also rich in Vitamin E and zinc, both of which slow down the process of aging, it allows the skin to retain its natural elasticity for longer.

Cleopatra was famed for her milk baths to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin and with many major spas now offering various milk treatments, they are clearly having something of a comeback in modern times. Without denting your purse though, it’s just as easy to whip up a bath milk recipe at home. I love using natural organic products wherever I can, getting back to the basics as our grandmothers would have done, and this one requires just a few simple ingredients in the kitchen. 

I made this one last night and the scent that fills the room when you pour the mixture into the hot water is just heavenly. I love my baths – something my other half fails to understand since he can barely fit all his limbs into our bath at one time and can’t really appreciate the joy of them with more than half of him sticking out of the water! That said, he does know how to prepare me one and often sneaks up to run it for me, properly making sure it’s the full works like I make them: lights out, candles lit, bath salts and essential oils. It’s the perfect tonic to a long day.

You will need:

1 cup powdered milk

1/2 cup cornflour

1/4 cup bicarbonate of soda

15 drops essential oil of your choosing (I used organic rose oil)

A small jar


Measure out your dry ingredients.





Pop them into your mixing bowl.





Add the essential oil of your choosing – I used organic rose oil, but other favourites are lemon, orange, lavender and vanilla.




Stir thoroughly.




And pour the dry mix into your jar.




Now either run yourself a steaming hot bath, pour some in and enjoy the effects, or tie a pretty gift tag round it, ready for a friend.

If she likes her baths like most girls do, she’ll be over the moon with this one!




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