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This was a recipe we’ve been meaning to test out for a while.     We found it lurking in an old recipe book of my grandmother’s, full of a host of bizarre sounding culinary attempts and written down in the scrawliest pencil writing we’ve ever tried to decipher. Having made some sort of sense of it, we made a few adjustments and put it to…

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A moment in time

From the moment your little one arrives in the world, eyes screwed tight, rosy mouth wide open, hands the size of coins wrapped tight around your finger clinging on, any parent will know the joy of that moment – that feeling of being emotionally filled to the brim by it all.     For a mother, physically drained from the exertion of bringing this tiny…

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Saints v Racing Metro

Guy and I enjoyed a chilly evening with the girls at the rugby watching Jamie start at 6 against a strong Racing side. The boys drew 9-9 after a tough 80 minutes of play.    

London at Christmas & Polpo

After Jamie’s game against Bath we headed up to London for the night. London at Christmas never disappoints. Shimmering lights glow at every shop window, Norwegian fir trees flank every door, carols are sung on every street, Christmas markets spring up on every square and mulled wine and mince pies line the counters in every shop. It’s a magical time and it’s hard to deny that London does it brilliantly….

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Wintry white

Apart from the time-honoured christmas tree, there’s nothing better to set a wintry scene in the house than a spray of silver-white glittery branches. We found just the thing at a market stall just off Sloane Square, and looking like a funny pair, hauled two bundles under our arms to carry all the way home with us.  

Guy Fawke’s Night

It was a non-stop day on Saturday. We attended Jamie’s match against the Saracens at the opening of their new stand at Franklin’s Gardens. The boys lost sadly, but Guy had a lovely time gurgling with the players’ babies in the box, and watching Daddy on the field below.

Thank you I.O.Shen!

Made of hardened Japanese steel, I.O.Shen knives have established themselves in the industry as one of the forerunners of professional blades. Jamie’s cooking enthusiasm increases daily, so it seemed a very appropriate gift – particularly since the company offers a bespoke engraving. With his crest and initials beautifully emblazoned on the surface, I.O.Shen didn’t disappoint – thank you Natalie, it will…

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