Chewton Glen

It isn’t often you find yourself sleeping in the wilds when you’ve booked into one of the country’s most luxurious hotels. But then this one is a little bit special…     No doubt you’ve heard all about it, nestled at the edge of the New Forest, a luxury retreat to rival the best, but if not, it’s worth getting acquainted. Welcome to the five…

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Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

After a hectic few weeks followed by a special getaway as a family I’m only just catching up on here with a throwback to Shrove Tuesday.   We’ve always made a point of enjoying a traditional pancake feast on Shrove Tuesday to greet Lent, so when I woke up to an empty bed and a scribbled note on the pillow next to me, I wondered where my boy had…

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Stow-on-the-Wold & Daylesford

Valentine’s Day can be a strange one.   To single boys and girls it’s probably just another frivolous day full of irritating reminders of what you’re missing. Or maybe not.. I mostly remember silly nights of champagne and pillow fights with the girls. For others though it might mean another little date in the diary to stop and take a breath in this madly busy world and show your loved one just…

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Sticky toffee puddings – with sticky toffee sauce

  With two pregnancies behind me I jumped back into my running shoes on New Year’s day and I’m back on a health kick… well 95% of the time. We all need to break the rules now and then, or it’s just no fun. So I sneaked these sticky toffees in for a supper party while it’s still wintry enough to get away with them.  

Spiderweb shortcakes

We whipped these caramel shortbread spiderwebs up for our Halloween party last night and the little ones adored them. They’re easy to make yet look so effective – a perfect bit of baking to do with the children the night before Halloween. Equipment: 12 cupcake cases – silicone work best, but paper ones will do. Oven: 160 fan/180c/Gas Mark 4 Serves: 10-12 THE…

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Pumpkin carving

If you’re planning a Halloween celebration, nothing gets you into the spirit like carving pumpkins. We woke at the crack of dawn this morning to prepare for our annual Halloween haunt that we’re throwing tonight, and amidst the cooking, baking, carving, decorating and looking after babies, our very noisy house was in a state of perfect anarchy. Outside a thick blanket of fog had…

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Halloween cupcakes

  Halloween is fast approaching so if you’re looking for something a bit different to offer guests for a more spooktacular treat, why not whip up some of these dramatic silhouetted bat bonfire cupcakes. Made with a very simple two tone frosting, some spiderweb cupcake wrappers and flying bat cake toppers, they’re a perfect centrepiece for your festive table! We also slid our cakes…

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Milk bath: homemade

  It’s well known that milk is good for our bones, but for centuries it’s been used for another benefit too: for moisturising and rejuvenating the skin. Since milk contains lactic acid, it’s an effective all-natural cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and being also rich in Vitamin E and zinc, both of which slow down the process of aging, it allows the skin to retain its…

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Banana Muffins

Since we follow paleo as a guide, Guy has the same diverse, nutritionally dense day-to-day diet as we do. But just as we cheat now and then to enjoy the odd treat, we allow Guy treats of his own too – sometimes these are healthy treats (like these bear fruit paws which he loves and gets as excited about as if they were proper sweets), but just now and then they’re…

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Pregnancy nutrition

Just like last time when I learned I was expecting, one of the first things I’ve done is to immediately scrutinise my nutritional intake. Since I generally keep my diet to paleo guidelines, I have a very varied and nutritionally dense diet on the whole, so my little one should be receiving most of the vital nutrients needed. But babies require certain things in different quantities for their development…

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