Our little Guy’s arrived!

Now we’re home and settling into a routine, it’s been a joy to pore over some of the photos taken in hospital when Guy was first born. My time at the Lindo Wing passed incredibly smoothly and I’m so grateful to all the people who tended to me during my stay.

Guy George Selwyn Gibson was born two weeks early at the Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital, London, at 11.49 am on Tuesday 17th March 2015 by caesarean section, weighing 3.475 kg.




Most of the time disappeared in cuddles with our little boy. I’ll never forget being propped up on a stack of pillows, cradling our newborn son, and gazing into his sleepy little face for the first time. We whiled away the time just mesmerized by this little person, focusing on every detail there was to look at in him and marveling at the fact we were finally here – all three of us.

On our second night, Jamie finally decided to make use of some of the luxuries we hadn’t even thought to take advantage of – satellite TV and the fridge which had a few goodies stashed inside it. You can also have your choice of newspaper in your room every morning, and there is radio, a bedside phone and free wifi at your disposal throughout your stay.

The kitchens too are fantastic. Breakfast both mornings came with Earl Grey tea and the option for a full English breakfast, pastries, crepes or fruit salad. I left the order to my husband and, doing nothing by halves, this was the result:



He remembered the fruit salad for me though!

When the final morning rolled round, Guy, like us, had enjoyed a peaceful night and was ready for his trip home. After a quick breakfast, we packed things up and a few people popped in to see us including someone to check Guy’s hearing, his eyesight and a physio to talk me through various exercises that would help my swift recovery progress, as well as warning me against things I couldn’t attempt for the next few months. My gynae popped in as well which was lovely. She cooed over Guy for a few moments, before checking all was well with me and giving us a congratulatory hug goodbye. We tucked our little boy into his carseat, gathered all our things and said goodbye to the team.




Downstairs we had a few snaps taken of us outside on the steps of the Lindo for posterity.






Finally we hopped into the car and set off. Jamie drove, while I sat in the back holding the hand of our newborn, taking in every detail about him. Guy slept the entire journey, perfectly content. Just as we were coming into Leicestershire, a flicker of a smile emerged across his face in the lamplight while he dreamed. I looked up at Jamie – he smiled at me in the rear-view mirror, blew me a kiss and whispered ‘I love you’. All I remember thinking was I hope I’ll always remember this moment when I’m old one day.

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